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Since the launch of my KIDS eyewear business EYETRIBE, in 2008, I promised myself that I would NEVER enter the over-crowded, highly competitive, brand driven ADULT eyewear market! Things in the kids market were cosy and business was steady but then in 2013, something happened. Whilst working on another kids’ collection with one of my favourite suppliers, I was shown a prototype of a slightly clunky but nevertheless beautifully rustic, hand carved bamboo frame. Looking back, it was love at first sight and in that very moment, without being fully aware of it, Sticks & Sparrow took flight!

I was immediately inspired to work with bamboo and to create some more refined designs (just to try!) that would complement rather than dominate the face. I added some colour and detailing to the frames and temples (ie. arms…or legs as some people call them!) and experimented a little with raw materials. Before long, I had a small but sleek eyewear range that not only looked good but was also doing good, by utilising sustainable bamboo and minimising excessive wastage in the production process.

The first bamboo capsule collection was well received but it wasn’t until we kicked things up a notch and added acetate fronts to natural bamboo temples that the range really started to take shape, tell a story and catch people’s eye.

In late 2014, whilst in Paris, I discovered a craftsman working with harvested cork on some temple inlays and was immediately in awe of his work. He now sources cork from Portugal to hand wrap around our frames to create the most intricate finish and what we consider to be the most comfortable, flexible and beautifully constructed sunglasses you will ever wear. Big statement I know, but we are truly proud of our cork collection and encourage you to try them if you haven’t yet. At least throw a couple into your TRY AT HOME box and give them a run!

We would love to hear your feedback and we promise that we will always set our sights high, look for the unexpected and continue our commitment to create new and exciting eyewear designs. Watch this space!

Bec x