Sticks and Sparrow Harvest Wheat Flower SS060WF front RRP$219.95
Sticks and Sparrow Harvest Wheat Flower SS060WF front RRP$219.95Sticks and Sparrow Harvest Wheat Flower SS060WF angle RRP$219.95Harvest Wheat Flower SS060WF side002_CatBlack2018_SticksAndSparrow_HR060_CatBlack2018_SticksAndSparrow_HR005_CatBlack2018_SticksAndSparrow_HR

Harvest Wheat


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Wheat is hand picked, pressed into a light peach crystal acetate frame and paired with our signature bamboo temples.

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The bamboo used in Sticks & Sparrow`s eyewear is sourced from China, where the world`s largest bamboo reservoir is located. It is the fastest growing grass on earth. It does not require replanting; its extensive root system naturally replenishes itself, making it one of the most renewable resources on earth. In addition to its natural beauty, bamboo is intrinsically lightweight, is stronger than steel and can also tolerate extreme conditions.
Frame: Bamboo with Acetate Front
Colour: Light Peach
Lens: Scratch Resistant CR39
Lens Colour: Smoke Gradient
Case: Gold Fleck Cork Case
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