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Sticks & Sparrow is excited to announce our NEW Shop at Home service that allows you to try your favourite sunglasses at home before you buy!

We completely understand that purchasing sunglasses is a very personal experience.

In order to make the right decision you need to touch them, try them on, consult with your mirror, get some feedback from friends & family and maybe even take a selfie to seal the deal?

We also want you to get up close and personal with the product as once you feel the texture of the bamboo, the flexibility of the cork, the comfort of the frames, the colour of the lenses and the handcrafted, lightweight designs we are quietly confident that you will fall in eyewear love.

Feel free to share the love and show your family and friends!

Now have some fun and start shopping!


1. Select your 4 x Favourite styles using the TRY AT HOME button.
2. Confirm your selections in the Try at Home CART and proceed to CHECKOUT.
3. Fill in your Billing & Order for credit card pre-authorisation in the Try at Home CHECKOUT section and PLACE ORDER. (When we process your Try at Home order, your credit card will be pre-authorised with a $1 transaction fee which will be automatically refunded on return of samples).
4. You will receive a Try at Home order confirmation note to COMPLETE the order process.
5. A custom cork Sample Box containing 4 x sample pairs will be delivered to your door, FREE of charge within 7 days of order receipt.
6. Try the samples on, style them up and wear them around (you have 5 x days of fun!)
7. If/when you fall in love with the sample sunglasses in the box, ORDER your very own sunglasses by filling out the order form provided OR going direct to our Online SHOP.
8. Return the Sample Box containing all 4 x sample pairs in the reply paid envelope supplied within 5 days of receiving the goods.
9. Your NEW sunglasses will be delivered to your door within 7 working days. HOORAY!

The TRY AT HOME service is only available in Australia.


Eyetribe may cease to offer this service at any time without prior warning. By ordering Try at Home sunglasses you agree to these terms and conditions. Filling in the online form does not guarantee participation in the program. Eyetribe may not fulfil the Try at Home request for operational reasons. Should this happen, we will notify you. You will need to provide your credit card details to receive Try at Home sunglasses.

Eyetribe will pre-authorise your credit card before any sunglasses are dispatched to you for an amount up to the full retail value of the sunglasses. This authorisation will be cancelled if the sunglasses are returned in their original state within the agreed timeframe. If the sunglasses are not returned within the time frame (15 days) Eyetribe will charge the full retail price for the sunglasses which have been sent. Eyetribe may charge you for future products and services with your expressed consent using these stored credit card details.

By placing your order, you consent to Eyetribe charging you for the retail value of the sunglasses if they are not returned within the agreed timeframe, or if the frames are returned damaged. We reserve the right to refuse any further Try at Home requests for that person or that address. We will only supply One Try at Home case per household at any one time. By ordering your Try at Home sunglasses, you are agreeing to be available for a courier delivery or postal delivery at the agreed time. Should you not be available, Eyetribe may charge your credit card for any re-delivery fee.